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Steel Frame

Plywood box with walnut laminate


Length 1200mm
Depth 400mm
Height 1700mm

This contemporary Towen shelf was designed by John Siew. A steel frame is stand on the floor to supports two wooden boxes. The boxes can made from solid wood or plywood with different finishes such as beech, ash, oak, walnut, etc. The stability of the shelf enable it to be used as a freestanding room divider or as a traditional against-the-wall unit. In addition there is a small storage space at the top.

Looking for something difference? Professional structure or design advice provided. Feel free to email or call Toot Box customer service to check with the latest modern design.

*Measures 1200mm width by 400mm depth by 1700mm height

Renown Academy - Seri Alam - Johor Bahru
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