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Solid Rubber Wood


Length 1200mm
Depth 320mm
Height 710mm

At the beginning of the design process by this bookshelf, the main idea was to keep it as simple as we can. But this simplicity appears not in the form, but rather in the construction of the furniture. It was designed to avoid complicated connections, in order to preserve the simplicity of building. The bookshelf consists of two kinds of elements that can be put together without the need of fixing or extra linking elements. The parts rest on each other by the force of gravity. In conclusion, it can be easily varied, disassembled, and put together again. The shelf contains two kinds of spaces, in the middle, one is only for the books, and on the two sides, and two narrow zones are formed, where the objects of daily life can be placed.
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*Measures 1200mm width by 320mm depth by 710mm height

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